DriftLand jewelry

The glass ocean from the Atlantic coast

My name is Lada Tazetdinova. I am a glassblower maritime artist, and make my glass ocean on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Aveiro Portugal.

My works combine the two main passions of my life: glass and the sea. 

DriftLand was founded by me in 2016. From the very first day, the idea of the brand was the ocean and travel. 

Starting in 2017, I began to develop my own unique glass flame processing technology in order to achieve the perfect real wave design. It’s based on the technology of Murano masters (lampworking).

I have been constantly improving my glass technique and now my waves imitate the water of different oceans of the world. They have a depth of color and foam just like a real ocean wave.

So It allows me to make glass resemble the sea.
I try to replicate the living wave in motion, the feeling of resilient water overboard, its changing texture, the glints of sunshine in the depths, the tumult of foam on the crest.

My little waves give you a sense of the magic of sea voyages. I want as many people as possible to carry their own little sea with them, hear its pulse, and believe in the dream.


Glass waves with silver inserts are the main treasure of my collection. They come in different colors, sizes and shapes.
This collection were shown in 2022 as a part of the Artistar Jewels project at the Jewelry Art Week in Milan.

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It’s so easy to get lost in deep of the ocean. Exhale and bubbles will show you the way. Breathe to live. To be yourself. To keep feeling.
The collection «Breathe the Sea» was chosen for the cover of the exhibition «Transparent breath» at the Venice Glass Week 2022

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The «Silence of the Wind» collection is about the fragility of the present moment of happiness and how important it is to cherish it
This collection became part of the Venice Glass Week (exhibition «The Transparent Breath») in 2023.

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My glass wave took part in the Bulgarian International Glass Biennale in 2023 and is now in the collection of this wonderful event.

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How I craft it

I find inspiration in the ever-changing patterns of the ocean, the movement of the waves, the play of light through water.
I melt glass in the flame of a burner for to capture in my work the emotional connection people have with the sea.
I use a variety of American, Italian, and German glasses. Fired in a digitally controlled kiln, they meant to be strong and durable. My jewelry is individually inspected and securely packaged for shipping.

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