[:en]Spiral wave[:ru]Волна-спираль [:]

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[:en]All pieces of the DriftLand jewelry are handmade, which is why they are unique and may be slightly different from one shown in the pictures. Your glass will be one of a kind even though it will retain the color, style, and general mood of the sample.

All accessories are handmade by myself in my studio in Aveiro, Portugal.

I use a variety of American, Italian, and German glasses. Each piece takes several weeks of care, love and inspiration to create. Fired in a digitally controlled kiln, they meant to be strong and durable. My jewelry is individually inspected and securely packaged for shipping.

WARNING! While properly made for maximum durability, this is still glass. Please keep it away from small children. Thank you very much! Pictures are made to show the pieces as accurately as possible and are enlarged to show details. Please note that colors can sometimes vary on different computer monitors/phone screens.

International FREE shipping with a tracking number.[:ru]Стеклянная волна-спираль. Кулон на цепочке из хирургической стали


[:en]Spiral wave[:ru]Волна-спираль [:]
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